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We Have Flu Shots!

It’s Not Too Late to get the Flu Shot!

According to  Dr. Bill Schaffner, chairman of the preventive medicine department at Vanderbilt University’s School of Medicine, Influenza is going to be with us into February and even beyond. “If you haven’t been vaccinated, please, take advantage of the benefits of influenza vaccine,” he said. “Run, do not walk — get the vaccine. Protect yourself and everyone around you.”

“It’s a common misconception that the Flu Shot causes the illness.” said Dr. Sudeep Punia, medical director of West Valley Urgent Care.  “Flu Shot contains a dead influenza virus, which means that it cannot get cause the flu.”  He stated that often the injection can cause soreness in the arm and temporary elevates your body temperature while your body starts to build protective antibodies and these types of feelings are what most people associate with as the flu vaccine giving them the flu.

Though not always 100% effective, especially for those with older or weakend immune systems, Dr. Punia highly recommends the flu shot as your best bet at protecting yourself and your family from the flu this season.  “Even when not 100% effective the Flu Shot can still help mitigate some of the symptoms of the flu.”  He also recommends washing your hands with soap and water regularly and carrying an alcohol based hand sanitizer to help protect yourself.

It is important to note that it takes two weeks after the injection for your body to build up immunity against the flu.  If you are exposed to the flu prior to your vaccine or during the two week period while your body is building immunity it is still possible to get the flu.

For More Information About the Flu Shot Call us at 623-334-8671 and come into one of 3 convenient locations in the West Valley to get vaccinated today!

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