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Urgent Care Pain Relief & Pain Management 

West Valley Urgent Care stands ready to help with pain relief and pain management!  

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If you have chronic pain or a new pain due to an injury or inflammatory disease, you should see a medical professional who can help you control the pain and improve your quality of life. Chronic pain can affect your immune system and disrupt the healing process, so getting the right treatment is important. 

Pain can also make is difficult to stay active and participate in helpful physical therapy. At West Valley Urgent Care, our experienced providers can recommend medications and treatments to control chronic pain and make it easier to enjoy life.

We can help with the following pain:

Back Pain

More than 80 percent of people develop back pain at some point in their lives, according to the researchers from the National Health Institute. Coming in many forms, the pain can range from a dull ache to stabbing pain in any region of the back.  While acute pain usually lasts no more than a few weeks, chronic pain refers to pain lasting more than 90 days. For some people, resting and taking OTC medications are not enough. 

If you have acute or chronic back pain, one of our providers will discuss your medical history and perform a physical examination. If X-rays or other tests are needed to determine the cause of the pain, we will recommend them.  The good news is once the cause is indentified, we can take the necessary steps to aid and treat the pain.

Joint Pain

Joints connect the bones of your skeleton, which aid in movement and help support the body. If you have joint damage from arthritis or old injuries, you may experience chronic pain. For some people, this pain is mild and can be controlled with OTC (over-the-counter) pain relievers. For others, the pain can be debilitating, making it difficult to walk and perform basic activities. When you visit us, our provider will examine you and ask questions about past injuries and illnesses. After determining the cause of the pain, the doctor can recommend medications, physical therapy and/or other treatments to help minimize the joint pain.

Neck Pain

From auto accidents to muscle tension, neck pain can come from a number of causes. If you have this type of pain, there is no need to suffer in silence. Visit our providers to find out how you can control and alleviate the pain.  Don’t let neck pain ruin your quality of life. Some people respond well to rest, application of cold or heat, or physical therapy. Others may need muscle relaxers, pain medications, or other prescription drugs to control their symptoms. 


Swelling can cause annoying pain.  When swelling occurs, you see an enlargement of one or more body parts. If you sustained a workplace or sports injury, you may experience swelling at the site of the injury.  If the swelling continues, if may be time to come in and be seen by a doctor.  There are severals ways we can recommend to help reduce the swelling and ensure the injury heals properly.

Pain Management Techniques

Sometimes, pain continues after receiving treatment for your injury or illness.  From conventional pain management techniques including medications and physical therapy, to psychological counseling, surgical intervention, acupuncture or other alternative medicine treatments, we can recommend pain management techniques.

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If this a life threatening emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room.

We provide local urgent care and pain management services throughout Phoenix. West Valley Urgent Care is one of the leading providers of emergency medical care for your non-life threatening urgent care needs.  

We provide quality urgent pain treatment and management for all ages – children, adults and seniors. We accept most insurance and give discounts for cash payments. Our provider’s emergency care is top notch. We have have the experience and medical equipment to serve you. Our patients are treated with respect, care and dignity, it’s our first priority.

We know it’s not fun to be injured or sick, so we strive to make sure you are diagnosed correctly and put on the quickest possible road to recovery. It’s our goal to make sure every patient has the best possible experience.

As a emergency care clinic we strive to keep wait times to minimum and offer time-saving services such as the Urgent Care Priority Reservation system so you can reserve your spot ahead of time and skip the waiting room.

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