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High Pollen Counts – Many Allergy Sufferers

pollen counts highPeople who suffer from allergies may be really suffering this season. Mild temperatures have trees in bloom — ash and juniper are the main culprits now — and our recent dry, breezy weather has helped spread that pollen.

We are in the middle of allergy season, and pollen counts will remain high. Allergy sufferers can get relief from over the counter medicines, but some may require a doctor’s visit.

In most areas, trees are in bloom and a month later the grasses start pollinating.  However, in Arizona, both trees and grasses pollinate throughout the spring at the same time. It’s a double dose of allergens.

Three things you can do to alleviate the suffering:

  1.  Avoid being outside when it is breezy and pollen is in the air.
  2. Use OTC medicines for relief.
  3. See a doctor.  Immunotherapy can help relieve symptoms and build up long term resistance to allergens.

West Valley Urgent Care offers allergy shots to help those who are suffering.  If OTC medicines are not helping, walk-in or call for a priority appointment.