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Flu Shots Now Available

Getting your yearly influenza (flu) shot from West Valley Urgent Care is a quick and convenient way to help protect yourself from the flu. By immunizing yourself, you also help to prevent the spread of the flu.

Every year in August, our urgent care clinics stock that season’s flu vaccine. That way, you can get your flu shot as soon as possible.

Advantages of early vaccination:

  • Ensures that you are prepared in advance for flu season, which can sometimes start in October.
  • Will give your body time to become fully immune, since it takes about two weeks for antibodies to completely develop after receiving the vaccine.

$25 Flu Shots at West Valley Urgent Care

Protecting yourself and your family against the flu is important. West Valley Urgent Care offers walk-in flu shots at all three locations. We make it affordable and convenient to get the vaccines you need, and we offer flu shots for all ages. When it’s getting close to flu season, and you’re wondering, “Are there flu shots near me?”, find a West Valley Urgent Care location.

We have 3 office locations: Glendale/Peoria (623) 334-8671, Phoenix/Avondale (623) 218-0782, Surprise/Sun City (623) 691-7748