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Eye Color Provides Hints for Your Health

what your eye color says about your health

Doctors can learn a lot about your overall health just by looking at your eyes. Conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and brain tumors can leave impressions on your eyes, even without affecting your vision.

Your eye color can actually give hints to your risk for certain health conditions. No, this does not mean your eye color is causing the conditions. Your eye color is part of your heredity.

Here are some things your eye color may say about your health.

Light eyes: If your eyes are blue, green, or gray, you may be at a higher risk for skin cancer than those with darker eyes, Ruth Williams, MD tells Everyday Health (though those with dark eyes also need to be careful about sunscreen use and getting regular mole checks with a derm). You’re also more likely to develop age-related macular degeneration, one of the most common causes of vision loss. But you’re at a lower risk for cataracts and vitiligo.

People with blue eyes are more prone to alcohol dependency.

Women with light-colored eyes may have a higher tolerance for pain, and lower risk of anxiety and depression, particularly during labor and after childbirth, according to the APS study.

Green eyed individuals seem to have a lower tolerance to pain.

Dark eyes: If your eyes are brown or hazel, research suggests that you’re more likely to have cataracts later in your life than those with lighter eyes. You’re also more likely to develop vitiligo, a condition in which some of your melanin cells stop working properly which leaves you with patches of skin without pigment. On the flip side, you’re less likely to develop skin cancer and macular degeneration.

Changing colors: In some cases, a sudden change in eye color can be a signal of a serious health issue. If your eyes are suddenly red, for instance, that’s a sign of irritation, infection, or allergies. And if the whites of your eyes turn yellow, that’s a classic indication of jaundice: meaning you need medical attention ASAP.