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6 Tips for a Healthy Happy New Year


Did you make your New Year’s Resolutions?  Every January 1 marks a new year and many people look at it as a time to reset.  Why not use it wisely?  We’d like to offer 5 tips for a healthy happy new year.

  1. Do One Thing Less

Most people add things to their list as part of your New Year’s resolutions.  By subtracting things, you can make more room in your life to add things that are more meaningful.

Is there someone you don’t enjoy spending time with or are you watching too much TV?  Think about what you can subtract from your life to add more quality time.

2. Make Quarterly Resolutions, Instead of New Year’s Resolutions

Choose something you’d like to focus on for each quarter of the New Year.  We may have many great ideas and we try to tackle them all at once.  Instead, try something for 90 days and then go on to another idea/habit.

You could set three doable goals for each quarter, one for each of the following categories:

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Self

3. Stop Trying to Be a Perfectionist.

Forget the all or nothing attitude. Let’s say you have one slice of pizza, since you messed up, should you continue to eat half the pizza? Perhaps you want to cook every dinner as a healthy one. Why not hold yourself to a goal of three per week. The key is taking steps in the right direction and holding to it, not being perfect.

4.  Focus on People and Your Own Health

Three great things for everyone is to  human it to make connections,  be good to yourself, and fall in love.  According to a recent analysis by the London School of Economics, relationships and good mental health, not income, have the biggest impact on our happiness.

When people have a partner and enjoy a life free of depression and anxiety, their satisfaction with live rises.  A boost in income, on the other hand, has little effect, said the researcher.

5.  Unplug

It’s important to give yourself time to unplug from emails, our smartphones, and social media.  By doing this, it helps us rest and recover and allows us to reboot, said Leah Lagos, a licensed clinical psychologist in New York.

Try to set aside one or two days when you make a commitment to unplug and be mindful of where your attention is focused. Use that technology-free time to focus on family, friends, and being in nature.

6.  Exercise More

No one can dispute the advantages of exercise for a healthier mind and body. Schedule time to exercise and do things you enjoy when you exercise. It’s more important to get out there and do exercise, whether its a relaxing walk or a brisk jog. The more you exercise and get your heart rate up, the better.

Let’s all do our best to make 2017 a happy, healthy year! If you need a check on your health, please make an appointment at one of our clinics.